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Keskustelua Dalai Laman kanssa 2

Keskustelua Dalai Laman kanssa 2                          23.11.11
Olen Dalai Laman Facebook-kaveri. Yritän aina vastata hänen opetuksiinsa

DL: The more adept we become at cultivating an altruistic attitude, the happier we will feel and the more comfortable will be the atmosphere around us. But if our emotions fluctuate wildly and we easily give in to hatred and jealousy, even our friends will avoid us. So even for people with no spiritual beliefs, it is important to have a peaceful mind.

JH: Compassion and love radiate outside to other people. Energy is the power of the mind.

DL: Great compassion is the root of altruistic action. It really is a source of wonder. There is no greater source of help and happiness. The capacity to devote yourself to the welfare of others yields otherwise unobtainable power and potential for good. Generate great compassion and you become a friend of the world and a companion of the warm-hearted.

JH: But first you need compassion to youself. Be patient and loving to youself, to all your many defaults and weaknesses you have imagined. Everything is going to be OK, if you only believe it.

DL: So far, of the twenty-first century, just over a decade has gone and the major part of it is yet to come. It is my hope that the twenty-first century will be a century of peace, a century of dialogue – a century when a more caring, responsible, and compassionate humanity will emerge. This is my prayer as well.

JH: There are many phenomena which guides us to the direction that DL mentioned:
  • The national economic systems and capitalism have very big difficulties in western countries. Old economic truths are not valid anymore. That influences also on citizens.
  • The nature shows its strengthening power. Nature catastrophes increase. We are going to notice that we cannot rule the nature.
  • The pollution of air, water and earth, forces us to change our buying habits.
  •  The nature is not limitless raw material warehouse (oil)
  • You can see in western countries the change to more soft values
  • Internet and international communication makes us more close to each other.
  • We know better what happens in whole world. The horrors of war are in our living room.
  • Democracy increases everywhere.    
  • Christianity and Islam are facing very big changes, because their 1500-2000 years old values don’t match to the values of modern people. They have to understand more the needs of individuals.
DL: More fundamental than religion is our basic human spirituality. We have a basic human disposition towards love, kindness and affection, irrespective of whether we have a religious framework or not. When we nurture this most basic human resource – when we set about cultivating those basic inner values which we all appreciate in others, then we start to live spiritually.

JH: When people have that kind of nature of mind, that his holiness mentioned, then there are no differences between religions and religious people. The more people are fanatic in their religions the less they have properties mentioned by his holiness.