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What are the characteristics of the State called Nibbâna (Nirvana)?
Total ease, complete calm, absolute stillness, safe freedom, perfect happiness & pure peace…
Absence of any uncertainty, any doubt, any confusion, any delusion & all ignorance…

Presence of confidence, cleared certainty, understanding all, and direct experience…
Absence of any greed, lust, desire, urge, attraction, hunger, temptation and pull…
Presence of imperturbable indifference, serene composure & all stilled equanimity…
Absence of any hate, anger, aversion, hostility, irritation, & stubborn rigidity…
Presence of universal goodwill, infinite friendliness, all-embracing & boundless kindness…
Not a place, not an idea, not a fantasy, not a deception, not a conceit, not a conception…
Not a cause, not an effect, not finite, not definable, not formed, not changing, but eternal…
Unborn, unbecoming, unmade, uncreated, uncaused, unconditioned & unconstructed, yet real…
Void of eye, visible objects & visual consciousness, void of ear, sounds & auditory consciousness,
Void of nose, smells & olfactory consciousness, void of tongue, tastes & gustatory consciousness,
Void of body, touch & tactile consciousness and void of mind, thoughts & mental consciousness…

Lähde: Buddha Bless you (tähän voi liittyä kuka tahansa)

When you recognized the mind with pure awareness, not thinking about past nor about future. not be attracted by outside appearances nor trying to link your mind into more conceptual thought, and able to rest your mind in this natural state without fabrication. In this moment, you do not try to protect nor subdue. Once you understood this state of mind is apart from doing and you can rest your mind effortlessly, you will be able to keep up awareness , then after that, you will be able to experience inner peace and freedom; in this state of freedom, you do not need to distract the arising thought nor fear if the conceptual mind could destroy your meditation.

~ H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche